Bulk Pricing

Bulk pricing is offered to breweries, bottle shops, and gift shops placing a minimum $100 order.

Pricing tiers are for quantities of “like” items. Example: if you order 10 luggage tags using a variety of beer boxes you get the 10-quantity pricing. Like-items do not have to be from the same beer art.

Mindy’s used beer box collection is limited. You most likely will need to send Mindy your own beer packaging to make your bulk order possible.

New customers must pay-in-full up front for a first order. (small sample orders do not count as a first order)

Returning customers pay 50% up front to start an order and the remaining 50% Net30.

Payments: Checks made payable to Mindy Gibbs. 3% processing fee using Paypal. No fees using Venmo. @mindysbeergear

Current Bulk Pricing Sheet

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