6-Pack Boxes

Mindy's Box Sources:

I get my beer boxes from everywhere. I stop by my local bottle shop about once a month. My family, friends, customers, and even some breweries send me their used boxes. Did you know they are interwoven with polyethylene and cannot be recycled in most places?

Does Mindy Need Boxes?

Uhm, not really. My garage is overwhelmed with literally thousands of boxes waiting to be upcycled.  If you send me yours you would probably end up spending too much in shipping and I am unable to do trades at this time.

But, If They Are Really Cool...

The boxes you think I'll like that are very local for where you live might not sell  well for me. I am, however, always looking for ones that have awesome hops or skulls on them. I never seem to get enough Dead Guy Ale or Old Rasputin boxes.

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